Amazon makes e-gifting ‘more social’ with Facebook wall integration

Amazon has added functionality alongside Facebook to combine gift-giving and social media.

Now, instead of sending gift cards through a one-on-one email, you can publicly post birthday, Christmas, anniversary or wedding gifts to your friends’ Facebook Walls. It seems like this is something that would have existed already, but it’s pretty undeniably cool. You can select a design, add a personal message, and give a recipient up to $5,000 via a wall post.

If you’re one of those super organized people who plans gifts ahead instead of stopping by the liquor store on the way to a party, you can schedule the gift-giving up to a year in advance, too. (Which precipitates the question- what if the giftee defriends the gift-er before the gift has a chance to be published? It’s going to happen.) In a press release, a rep for the company that supplies Amazon’s gift cards says:

“We think our customers who use Facebook will be thrilled that we’ve made gift-giving more social,” said Michal Geller, director of ACI Gift Cards, Inc., the exclusive issuer of Gift Cards. “Sending gift cards has never been easier and we’re excited to offer the Facebook option just in time for the holidays.”

The first 10,000 users to take advantage of the service to purchase an MP3 themed Amazon gift card will receive a $5 gift card along with their order.