Roswell Chicken Man Explodes Home After Long Battle With Government

David Cornell - Author

Aug. 6 2013, Updated 2:01 p.m. ET

The Roswell Chicken Man allegedly killed himself by blowing up his home after a long battle with the government.

Back in 2009, Andrew Wordes began having problems with the Georgia government’s control over his property. He wanted to raise chickens on his property, but the State of Georgia cited him for raising livestock in his backyard, and, in the initial legal scuffle, he won.

The problem had older roots though, as the City of Roswell had published a map in 2003 stating the intent to take Andrew Wordes’ property for official purposes. The government had plans to use his property for part of a public park, and, two years later, the Roswell Chicken Man had begun raising his chickens. In the end, the fight had little to do with chickens.

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On December 14 of 2009, The Roswell Chicken Man had become a victim of a new ordinance banning roosters and limiting the number of chickens a resident could keep on their property based on the size of the plot of land.

Nearly a year later, Andrew Wordes was cited for having too many chickens on his property. He won that battle due to owning the chickens before the ordinance had even existed. Almost immediately afterward, the Roswell Chicken Man was subject to a string of violations, including grading sediment without a permit, having inoperable vehicles on his property, and not properly stacking his firewood.

In 2011, the owner of his mortgage sold it under pressure from the City for 40 cents on the dollar, after which the foreclosure process began. The day the Roswell Chicken Man was supposed to bring papers to legally fight for his home, he was arrested and was given about three months jail time.

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After all of this, Andrew Wordes apparently gave up and posted a sign on his property stating that any trespassing would be considered a bodily threat and waited for authorities to take action. Monday morning, Marshalls arrived and the Roswell Chicken Man told them they needed to leave right away. A standoff began, ending when his house exploded, and he was supposedly killed in the blast.

Friends mourn the loss of Andrew Wordes, claiming he was a man of faith fighting an unjust law.

What do you think of the Roswell Chicken Man exploding his home after fighting with the government for years?


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