Bus Driver Abandons Mother And 2-Year-Old Son Over Exact Fare Debacle

Mother and son

A mother and her two-year-old son were booted off a bus in Montreal and abandoned in a dangerous neighborhood because they didn’t have the exact fare.

Pauline Tantost has stated that she and her son, Xavier, 2, were kicked off the vehicle last week after spending five hours in a Children’s Hospital due to his injuries.

Tantost, who lives in Montreal, was traveling downtown when the incident took place. Tantost looked to board the bus to take her home after her horrific ordeal in the emergency room. But when she asked the driver for the fare he told her that she had to pay $3, however she only had a $5 bill.

The 24-year-old stated that he then told her that he had no change, to which she stated that she didn’t care if he gave her the money back, all she wanted to do was get home with her ill child.

Tantost added that she had Xavier in her arms, and even though she told her heartbreaking tale to the driver, and it was dark and late, the callous man was still non-plussed by her efforts.

The driver even declined to give her a transfer ticket, and then a transit inspector boarded the bus and gave her a fine of $219.

Tantost stated, “I felt bad, I got out of the bus. I was crying, I was tired. I told them I just want to go home.” The bus then drove away, leaving Pauline Tantost and Xavier to walk home in the dark.

Montreal’s transit agency has confirmed that they’re currently investigating the matter, and a spokesperson added that an internal review will take place over the next few days. They also admitted that there isn’t a clear policy on such matters.

Would you have let Pauline Tantost get onto the bus?

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