Google Glass’ Rejected Activation Words Included ‘Pew Pew Pew’ and ‘Clap On’

To activate a pair of Google Glass, users simply state “OK, Glass” and then speak a command. Before “OK, Glass” was decided on, the programmers at Google were going a bit loopy with some very silly activation terms.

In an attempt to find a simple to remember term, programmers originally thought of using “Clap On” which was followed up with “Pew pew pew.” The second option sounds like Lisa Simpson making the “girl gun” sound on the Simpsons.

Those weren’t the only names being considered. Users nearly had to say “Go, Go, Glass,” “Hear Me Now,” “Device Please,” “Glassicus”, and “Let me use Glass to…” The last option would be immediately followed by a command such as “Let me use Glass to find a restaurant.”

Finding the “OK, Glass” activation option didn’t take long, but following that decision Google’s workers were required to test the phrase repeatedly. Google engineers needed to make sure that Google Glass would understand the term of all users and activate the required option.

Google eventually created an “always on” voice recognition option, which is also now featured on the Motorola Moto X. With always on technology, Google needed to make sure that even in noise environments the Google Glass platform could recognize its owner’s voice.

Google Glass, in the meantime, has been well received by developers who have been testing the device. Google has continued to update the platform as beta testers offer feedback and thanks to those comments the platform continues to show advancements ahead of a commercial launch.”

If you choose to purchase Google Glass in early 2014, just remember you should feel lucky for now having to say “pew pew pew” every single time you want to access the wearable tech’s features.


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