Miley Cyrus Appears In Racy Video For Big Sean’s ‘Fire’

Miley Cyrus appears in skimpy clothing and engages in some suggestive dancing in Big Sean’s new video for his song “Fire.”

The song, which is from the upcoming album Hall Of Fame, doesn’t actually feature Miley singing but she does play prominently into the video. She’s seen wearing a sweater that extends barely to her ribcage with an exposed bra and slapping her own behind. Miley also walks in slow motion wearing some very high heels.

Big Sean himself doesn’t actually appear in the video, but there is a picture of his face with flames superimposed in front of it.

On Friday Big Sean explained why he chose Miley Cyrus to appear in the song, saying she fit the message he was trying to get across in his lyrics.

“A special video for a special song,” he Tweeted. “I got Miley Cyrus for this video because she’s somebody who’s had a personal evolution as a lot of us have had.”

He added, “Besides all the personal stories I tell in the song, there are so many other ways people can make it through the fire.”

Miley Cyrus has actually been showing a lot of herself lately. The singer recently appeared naked for a skin cancer campaign by Mark Jacobs. In the picture Miley uses her hands to cover herself while her chest is covered by black text that reads “Protect The Skin You’re In.”

The singer/actress has been active in other causes, including creating a yoga bag for the Libby Ross Foundation to fund early detection of breast cancer. She’s also pitched in to help Elton John’s AIDS Foundation to raise awareness and promote prevention of the disease.

Here is Miley Cyrus in Big Sean’s video for “Fire.” There is some adult language and possibly NSFW images:

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