Halo Project Contingency Is Free On PC, Uses CryEngine 3 [Video]

Halo: Project Contingency is being developed for the PC by industry veterans and students using CryEngine 3.

As previously reported By The Inquisitr, Halo for Xbox One was announced at this year’s E3. Bungie, the developer originally responsible for the Halo series, is moving onto making the Destiny video game.

Halo: Project Contingency will be completely free to play on the PC. The tech demo for Halo: Project Contingency is intended only to showcase what the current game development team is capable of producing. The developers of Halo: Project Contingency are seeking the help from any game developers interested in contributing their time.

The developers of Halo: Project Contingency announced they ” are not simply ‘making another Halo game.’ We are doing a bunch of crazy new things, we are in no way attempting to copy or compete with existing halos, as soon as we can give more details on this, we will.” Already they have received 12 game developer applications for the Halo: Project Contingency project. The final name of Halo: Project Contingency has also not been announced yet so the name is likely to change.

The interesting thing about the Halo Terms of Service as written by Microsoft essentially says anything created that relates to the Halo Universe and game automatically grants Microsoft a royalty-free worldwide license to use, modify and distribute. At the same time, since Halo: Project Contingency will not use any art or sound assets directly from the Halo games they are free to create a Halo game as a fan project as long as they don’t charge money. The developers are already specifically saying Halo: Project Contingency is not sanctioned officially by Microsoft and the story will have no effect on the official Halo series storyline.

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