Lil Twist's Rep Releases Statement, Denies Rapper Hurt Woman At Justin Bieber's House

A rep for the rapper Lil Twist, real name Christopher Lynn Moore, has denied reports suggesting he hurt a woman at a party held at Justin Bieber's Calabasas, Calif., residence.

The Canadian singer was not at his home during the time and day in question.

An unidentified female filed a battery report against Twist on Thursday (August 1), alleging the 20 year old grabbed her by the arm and tried to prevent her from leaving Bieber's home.

According to TMZ, the woman claims Twist grabbed her arm in order to get her to stay as she tried to exit the property at 03:30 am.

The woman went to the police immediately afterwards and a formal investigation has now been opened, the website adds.

But In a statement released to, Twist's spokesperson said:

"Lil Twist was not involved in any battery."

The rep added: "He asked the guest of a third party at the home to leave, and security escorted the guest from the premises after the guest became disruptive."

While the investigation is still at an early stage conclusions can't be drawn, but it's also true that this kind of publicity is the last thing either Twist or Bieber need.

Bieber and Twist have been friends for years, but over the last year a string of incidents has led many to question whether their relationship is a liability, particularly for the "Boyfriend" star.

This certainly appears to be the case as far as Twist's track record with Bieber's high performance car collection.

Last month Twist was arrested for an alleged DUI after he was caught speeding in one of Bieber's cars. The case is still ongoing.

In June, he and another rapper Lil Za, who also seems to live at Bieber's Calabasas home, were filmed in an apparent speeding incident in the exclusive neighborhood which also involved abusive language being directed to a resident of the community.

Both rappers were driving Bieber's cars at the time.

Back in May, Twist was pulled over by police for speeding while driving one of the "Baby" singer's cars. He was reportedly let off with a warning.

In March, while behind the wheel of "Boyfriend" singer's Fisker Karma, Twist ploughed the car into poles near a San Fernando liqueur store, and on January 1 the incident-prone rapper was pulled over by traffic police while driving Bieber's white Ferrari on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Bieber was not in car at the time.

Three days after that incident, pictures surfaced of Twist and Bieber smoking what appeared to be a blunt in a Newport Beach hotel room.

Fast forward to this latest alleged battery, it comes after TMZ released footage of Bieber urinating into a mop bucket before inexplicably swearing at a photo of Bill Clinton. It's believed Twist was one of the "wild kids" cheering on the mayhem.

Into this mix TMZ reports Bieber's manager Scooter Braun views the battery allegation as a "last straw" situation and is urging the 19-year-old to drop Twist as a friend.

According to the gossip site, Braun and Justin had a "blowout fight" over the issue this week with the singer apparently digging his heels in over the friendship.

Lil Twist was also in the car with Bieber during an alleged hit and run incident in June outside the Laugh Factory comedy club in West Hollywood, during which a paparazzo was struck by the pop star's white Ferrari.

Although Bieber was driving, he has been cleared of all wrongdoing due to the chaotic context of the scenario and the photographer's decision to stand in the path of a car.

Whether the battery allegation against Lil Twist or the last straw story have any weight to them remains to be seen.