Amanda Bynes Still Speaking To Mom Despite Conservatorship Filing

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes and her mom Lynn are reportedly still speaking despite the recent conservatorship filing.

In the wake of the troubled actress’ bizarre encounter with a California driveway, her parents decided to take control of her personal and financial affairs. Despite the filing, a source close to the situation claim Lynn Bynes isn’t looking to dip into her daughter’s bank account.

“The goal is to get her treatment, either through the courts or some other way. That’s the only goal,” an insider explained to the New York Daily News.

Although most conservators take a fee, the anonymous source added that Lynn doesn’t want a single dime for her efforts. The woman who gave the world Amanda Bynes just wants to make sure her daughter’s fortune is safe and sound while she receives treatment.

Recent reports have suggested that the actress and her mom are not on speaking terms because of the conservatorship filing. However, rumor has it that mother and daughter are still talking to one another.

“Before Amanda’s mental health issues became so dire, she used to say her mom was her best friend. Mother and daughter have been talking daily since Friday. Lynn has just tried to emphasize to Amanda that she just wants her to continue to get medical treatment,” another insider recently explained to Radar Online.

While things certainly looked pretty bad for Amanda Bynes not too long ago, the former What I Like About Your star is said to be responding very well to her treatment. However, The Inquisitr previously reported that Bynes wants to be released from her doctors’ care.

The “cocktail” of drugs the actress is taking may not work in the long-term. Doctors are also concerned that Bynes may not take them as needed if left to her own devices.

What do you think about Amanda Bynes and her current situation? Do you think she should remain under doctors’ care until her problems are sorted out?