Usain Bolt Added To Temple Run 2

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth and now he’s the fastest man in Temple Run 2.

The Olympic sprinter was recently added as a character to the popular mobile game.

Keith Shepherd, co-founder of the studio that created the game, told USA Today: “This seemed like the most obvious and fitting partnership … Personally, we are huge Bolt fans and watched him race to gold last year in London. We cannot think of a better personality and role model to represent the game and encourage our players to keep running.”

Bolt was also excited to be included in the game. The Olympic sprinter said that his Twitter fans have been asking for him to get animated and today he delivered. The new character will be available for 99 cents on iOS and Android devices.

Bolt said: “People always tweeted at me and told me what a great fit my character would be in Temple Run, so finally seeing myself in the game is epic.”

The new character will also be “the fastest” in Temple Run 2. Usain Bolt will have special “Bolt” abilities that will allow him to move through the course faster than the other characters.

Are you excited to see Usain Bolt in Temple Run 2?

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