Drew Brees Said Story Of Him Giving A Bad Tip Isn’t True

Drew Brees wants everyone to know that he’s not a bad tipper.

Last week someone from a Chinese restaurant in San Diego leaked a receipt to The Dirty showing that Brees tipped only $3 on his order. The report said he was being a “cheap [expletive]… this is basically saying [expletive] you to the waiter.”

After the report came out, Drew Brees stepped forward to point out an important detail — it was a takeout order. The New Orleans Saints quarterback responded on Twitter to let people know that if he’d eaten in the restaurant he definitely would have tipped 20 percent.

There is some disagreement over whether it’s necessary to tip on a takeout order. Most people seem to agree that it’s a nice gesture to recognize good service, but definitely isn’t required.

The incident seemed to irk Daniel Shalom Schreiber, owner of the Del Mar Rendezvous restaurant. He issued a full apology, saying Brees is an important member of the community. In fact the restaurant has participated in his Brees Dream Golf Tournament, donating hundreds of dollars in food and staff to the event.

Schreiber wrote:

“If this is an authentic receipt, it would indicate that Mr. Brees is a very generous individual, as it would be a takeout receipt (indicated by the fact that there is no table number in the top left of the check, but rather a guest’s name) and takeout orders do not usually garner a tip at our restaurant.”

To complete the apology, Schreiber made a donation to Drew Brees’ foundation for $888.88, a lucky number in the Chinese culture.

Do you think Drew Brees was in the wrong for leaving a $3 tip on his order? Is it necessary to leave a tip on a takeout order?

[Image Via Lets Move]