James Bond Theme Causes Stroke Victim To Orgasm

A stroke victim suffers from a rare condition that sees him orgasm whenever he hears the theme music from James Bond.

The Canadian man suffers from synesthesia, which is a neurological order that leaves his brain frazzled and confused and was sparked after he suffered a stroke.

Other facets of his disease mean that he tastes colors, which has lead to him eating a hoard of raspberries as they taste of a different shade of blue, but he’s disgusted by shades that are sky blue.

He also goes through out of body experiences when he hears high-pitched brass instruments, which includes the theme music in James Bond movies, because he feels as if he can “ride the music.”

The unnamed 45-year-old, who suffered his stroke in 2007, told the National Post that he first became aware of his condition whilst watching the Beijing Olympics.

He remarked that when a woman sang at the opening ceremony, “I had the sensation of entering the TV, and entering the stadium and I was floating above the crowd. I could feel the heat and humidity coming off the people. I could feel it on my skin.”

The man then added, “It scared the hell out of me. I thought, ‘this is how you lose your mind’. I was convinced I was going crazy.”

However, he was then referred to the Dr Luis Fornazarri, a neurologist, who immediately recognised that he suffered from synaesthesia, which means that he experiences one sense in two different ways.

For example a person can both taste sounds and feel colors. There are no other dangerous side-effects to the condition.

Infamous synesthesists have included Mary J Blige and Marilyn Monroe, whilst the condition is actually suffered by around four percent of people, and women are eight times more likely to suffer the disease than men.