Week Seven NFL Power Rankings

As things go in the 2010 season, week six was pretty much what we expected it to be. Sure there were still a few surprise losses, but as far as power rankings go things are starting to sort themselves out. With that being said here is my week seven NFL power rankings:

  1. Jets (even from last week)- Even in Denver it is a great road win
  2. Patriots (+4)- They beat teh Ravens, no small feat
  3. Steelers (even)- they put a hurt on the Browns
  4. Colts (+1)- they keep chugging along
  5. Saints (+2)- starting to shake off the Super Bowl hangover
  6. Ravens (-4)- no matter what they will have to be dealt with in January
  7. Falcons (-3)- they always lose to the Eagles in Philly
  8. Giants (even)- they beat the Lions, but a win is a win
  9. Eagles (+2)- I am unsure of their QB situation
  10. Texans (-1)- they are 4-2 and might make a post season run
  11. Packers (-1)- at 3-3 Vikings are now a must win
  12. Dolphins (+3)- Way better on the road
  13. Titans (-1)- gave the Jaguars a beat down
  14. Bears (even)- the yare starting to look like what we thought they were
  15. Chiefs (-2)- coming back to earth
  16. Redskins (even)- 3-3 is better than we gave them credit for
  17. Vikings (+1)- the beat Dallas, but now need a win in Green Bay
  18. Rams (+8)- Sam Bradford is awesome
  19. Chargers (-2)- loss at St. Louis might put Norv Turner on the hot seat
  20. Cowboys (-1)- this season has gone sideways for them
  21. Jaguars (-1)- another beat down loss
  22. Buccaneers (-1)- they still have work to do
  23. Bengals (-1)- they need to right their ship
  24. Cardinals (+3)- Maybe they should call Bill Parcells
  25. Seahawks (even)- How are they 3-2?
  26. Broncos (-3)- mostly for those awful orange uniforms
  27. Lions (-3)- they are better than this
  28. 49ers (+2)- finally a win
  29. Raiders (-1)- lost to the winless 49ers
  30. Browns (-1)- much works remains for their rebuild project
  31. Panthers (even)- they are simply terrible
  32. Bills (even)- see Panthers

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