KFC 7-Foot Bucket Appears From Nowhere On Front Lawn [Video]

What could be better than coming out of your home to find a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket sitting on your front lawn? The answer is finding a giant KFC 7-foot bucket sitting there. And that’s just what happened to a family in Georgia!

And now, KFC is offering the family a free fried chicken picnic to accompany the bucket. KFC spokesman, Rick Maynard, told Fox News: “KFC has offered to cater a picnic for Ms. Headrick, her family and friends to celebrate the coolest lawn art in Waynesboro. It would be fun to enjoy a KFC meal in the shadow of a giant KFC bucket.”

Aleena Headrick discovered the 7-foot-tall bucket on her property last Thursday. It turned out that her landlord, who collects signs, put the bucket there to surprise her. This bucket is printed with the original Kentucky Fried Chicken logo, not the newer KFC. It’s a collectors item as it is around 30 to 40 years old.

The landlord wants the KFC 7-foot bucket to remain on the lawn, and Headrick has no problem with that. It’s already a local tourist attraction, and many people stop just to take photos of it.

Meanwhile, Maynard is waiting for the family to accept his offer; so far they haven’t given him decision. “After all, the only thing better than a KFC picnic is a free KFC picnic,” he said. “They already have the bucket, so we think they deserve the chicken to go with it.”

The real question is, how many chicken dinners does it take to fill a KFC 7-foot bucket. Is he planning to feed the family or the entire neighborhood?