Teacher Under Bed Stuns 16-Year-Old’s Mom, Man Arrested

A teenager’s mom who found a teacher under the bed suspected shenanigans were afoot — but not that the shenanigans involved an adult responsible for instructing and not seducing students.

The tale comes by way of UK tab The Sun, and due to the girl’s age and the nature of the accusation, a few key identifying details are understandably not reported.

But the incident allegedly happened on or around the last day of school, with the mom of the teen returning home at lunch to make the unsettling discovery.

According to the woman, she knew her daughter was up to something when she learned the teen was unexpectedly home in the middle of the day.

Armed with this suspicion, she searched the house to see if a boy was hiding anywhere inside — and as we now know, she was off by a bit in her concern.

The woman didn’t find a boy in the house, but did find a math teacher under the bed — a man nearly 20 years the girl’s senior and more than twice her age.

The tabloid confirms that police in Bolton acknowledged an arrest in the situation, and they said:

“A man was arrested on suspicion of abusing a position of trust.”

A “source” was cited as reporting that the man believed the tryst would go undetected in the middle of the day, saying:

“The pair had gone back to the girl’s house because they thought no one would be there… the mum came home earlier than expected and caught them. She went into her daughter’s room and found the teacher hiding under the bed. It was a terrible shock. I think she had only come home to grab some lunch. The mum went berserk.”

Police added:

“Officers and a number of partner agencies are investigating the circumstances leading up to the incident… This investigation will also look at any safeguarding issues that need to be addressed and establish if any offences have been committed.”

While the teacher under the bed was a shock, the age of consent in the UK is currently 16.

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