Microsoft Kinect getting 17 games in launch month

Microsoft’s controller-free games device accessory thingKinect launches November 4th, and if you are getting one … well, I hope you like fitness games, dancing games, or minigame compilations, because that’s pretty close to all you’re getting during November.

Microsoft has confirmed the following 17 Kinect games for the system’s debut month:

  • Kinect Adventures (November 4th)
  • Kinectimals (November 4th)
  • Game Party: In Motion (November 18th)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (November 16th)
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (November 4th)
  • Dance Central (November 4th)
  • The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout (November 4th)
  • DanceMasters (November 4th)
  • EA SPORTS Active 2 (November 16th)
  • Zumba Fitness (November 18th)
  • Kinect Sports (November 4th)
  • MotionSports (November 4th)
  • Deca Sports Freedom (November TBA)
  • Kinect Joy Ride (November 4th)
  • Adrenalin Misfits (November 4th)
  • Fighters Uncaged (November 4th)
  • Sonic Free Riders (November 4th)

Hate to say it, but that’s shaping up to be one weaksauce launch line-up with a stunning lack of variety.

[Via Major Nelson]

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