Woman Sues Equifax, Lawsuit Wins $18.6 Million For Credit Report Mistakes

When a woman sued Equifax, the lawsuit won her $18.6 million.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, financial institutions can make some pretty big mistakes. In fact, Bank of America reported a customer was dead for three years.

But this Equifax lawsuit resulted in quite the gain for the recipient of all the problems caused by bad credit reports.

Julie Miller didn’t rush into the Equifax lawsuit right away. In 2009, she was denied bank credit after the Equifax credit report. She attempted to work with Equifax to no avail and in 2010 Miller was once again denied credit with banks. Miller needed this money to help her disabled brother and to build an extension to her husband’s shop.

The woman sued Equifax only after she discovered the credit report contained false identifying information, an incorrect Social Security number, a false birthday and false collection accounts attributed to her. Equifax representatives say Julie Miller’s information became mixed up with another person’s information, but instead of fixing the problem Equifax told her she needed to report the mix up to her creditors.

20 percent of people apparently have at least one error in their credit reports. The Equifax lawsuit ended up netting Julie Miller $18.6, the largest reward ever handed down by a jury for this type of case.

Do you think it’s fair the Equifax lawsuit rewarded the woman who sued Equifax with so such a large sum?