Building Collapses During Wedding While The Cameras Are Rolling [Video]

Why not start your week with a building collapse during a wedding in process in Kostroma, Russia? Hit that button to see the billing and cooing of the white doves waiting to be released and then the lovely couple themselves approaching the chapel…only to have their big day stolen by the sudden and unexplained collapse of the huge building across the street.


My reading knowledge of Russian is nonexistent, so I’m relying on an MSN Now translation to tell us where this unusual wedding took place.

The footage of the crazy building collapse at just the wrong moment for the arriving wedding party was uploaded on July 27. At the time of writing, it has under 30,000 views.

But it deserves many more. So if it hits your funny bone too, be sure to pass it along.

And if you’re still in need of silly videos, let me list a few more of my recent finds.

Everybody’s loving this video of Johnny Manziel getting soaked in beer and thrown out of a University of Texas frat party in Austin. They have a simple rule for any Aggie, no matter how famous: GTFO.

Genius parakeet Disco has unleashed a new video where he does Monty Python. Admit it. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a budgie announce, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.”

If your taste runs more toward the macabre, check out these surgeons in Moldova who protested their lack of decent equipment at a children’s hospital by performing surgery on cell phone video with hammer, pliers, and a construction drill. Ouch. I hope the patient was in on the joke.

If you have taken funny or potentially viral video like the building collapse at the wedding, send it to me and maybe we’ll use it.

[wedding dove thumbnail photo by Tischenko Irina via Shutterstock]