Parakeet ‘Monty Python’ Is Disco’s Best Video Yet: ‘Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition,’ [Video]

A parakeet’s Monty Python-inspired language lesson is going to blow you away. If you’ve never met Disco the genius parakeet of New York state, sit down and get ready to be amazed as you watch his latest video.

This bird will rock your world as he practices to make perfect one of the classic punch lines of all time. No, not the one about how he’s pining for the fjords. Jeez, people.

This parakeet Monty Python fan is learning to say, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.”

It’s a less than two-minute video, folks. And Disco is an over-achiever among a talkative species.

So the brilliant parakeet owned by Judy and Kevin Bolton already knows most of the lesson. That last word “inquisition” does give him a few headaches.

He tries everything. At one point I’m pretty sure he blurts out that nobody expects Spanish cheeseburger.

But I don’t think I’m giving away the plot if I reveal that the Monty Python-obsessed parakeet finally says it. Loud, proud, and multiple times.

Disco the genius parakeet has appeared in over 100 videos with titles like I Dreamz Of Cheeseburger and One Phrase Leads To Another. Check out one of my favorite videos called Define Parakeet to see Disco run through some of his best phrases.

Disco knows multiple languages, including Swedish, so closed captioning and translation is provided for those of us who aren’t as gifted as this little bird brain.

And visit his YouTube channel when you’re ready to lose hours to this charming budgie.

In my previous article on Disco, I had to discuss doubts about whether it was all Disco or if there was some creativity involved on the part of the filmmaker. Folks, Disco is for realz and appeared live on the Today show in May to face the skeptics.

The new video from budgie Disco isn’t just funny. This parakeet Monty Python skit is the real thing.

[still photo Monty Python/parakeet via Wikimedia Commons]