NFL Coaches on the hot seat

I was reading a post on about NFL Head Coaches on the hot seat. Florio and his boys had Mike Singletary, John Fox, Eric Mangini, Brad Childress, and Chan Gailey as the coaches with the hottest seats. While their seats are likely a little bit warm I disagree with this list. First and foremost the 49ers cannot fire Singletray because no one on his staff is capable of leading he team the rest of the year. Regardless of the record his job is safe till January and then he will likely be fired.

I don’t think Fox has anything to worry about either. The Panthers were in cost cutting mode all off season, and the ownership knows that they did not but a lot of effort into their on the field product. If he does not win one game he will have to be fired, but he seems safe till January. Mangini, Childress, and Gailey are all on the hot seat as Gailey has no clue what the Bills front office will do next, the Vikings season is crumbling fast, and at some point Mike Holmgren will want his own man to run the Browns.

Florio seems to have over looked Wade Phillips. His owner, Jerry Jones, wants nothing more than for his team to play in the Super Bowl he will host. At 1-3 they now have just an 8% chance of even making the playoffs and Jerry can be a tad unstable. Let us not forget that his successor is waiting in the wings, and once they are out of the playoffs they might as well start rebuilding for 2011.

In my mind that make Phillips’ seat the hottest. He works for a volatile owner, and things have gone very badly for his team so far in 2010.

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