Enjoy A Compilation Of SNL Comedians Breaking Character [Video]

The cast at Saturday Night Live have a tough TV gig. Every single Saturday of their operating season they step in front of live rolling camera’s and they attempt to make us laugh.

If you’re a fan of the show, you know that sometimes those well-trained Improv artists break character, often to hilarious effect.

The team at Slacktory realizes that some of SNL’s funniest moments have come at the expense of its comedians. In response, the mashup experts put together a super cut of some very funny SNL moments.

Some of the best breaking of characters have come from the likes of Bill Hader as Stefon, Chris Farley as Matt Foley, and Will Ferrell as Roger Clarvin, among others.

In some cases, characters lose their place; in others, they are goaded along by fellow SNL actors. Jimmy Fallon, known for constantly breaking character, was often encouraged by his fellow cast members to lose his place and begin laughing.

Do you have a favorite SNL breaking character moment?