Bachmann Ethics Investigation Continues, Glenn Beck Slams Congresswoman's Privacy Stance

Elaine Radford

The Michele Bachmann investigation into possible ethics violations will continue for the next six weeks. The House Ethics Committee announced Friday that they will continue a probe launched in mid-June into Bachmann and three other US Congressional representatives.

According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, the earliest that the Bachmann investigation will announce a decision will be September 11.

Politico noted that the four legislators being investigated include Bachmann (R-MN), John Tierney (D-MA), Tim Bishop (D-NY), and Peter Roskam (R-IL).

But it's the colorful Michele Bachmann who has attracted much of the attention.

The House Ethics Committee has already spent 45 days reviewing a possible misuse of funds during Bachmann's failed 2012 presidential bid. The committee hasn't spoken out on the allegations. One rumor suggested that money may have been diverted improperly to promote her book Core Of Conviction.

While allegations and accusations have swirled around the Minnesota conservative Congresswoman for months, the Star Tribune said that the decision "signifies the first public acknowledgment by any federal entity of the multiple allegations of campaign finance or ethical improprieties by Bachmann's 2012 presidential campaign."

Bachmann's attorneys have said she is not guilty of any wrongdoing.

But Bachmann has already agreed not to run for re-election in 2014.

And some other conservatives have signaled that they want distance between themselves and the erstwhile presidential candidate.

On Thursday, The Blaze radio host Glenn Beck went on a rant that pretty much accused Michele Bachmann of supporting NSA spying on Americans. You can go here to see the video rampage.

In a vote against the Amash Amendment last week, Bachmann had said that the NSA's ability to collect data was already restricted: "Your name, your address is in the phone book. Your name, your address is not in this national security database."

Considering the remark seemed fairly harmless, is it impossible that Beck's rant was less about the NSA and more about throwing Michele Bachmann under the bus?

One caution: Extensions of ethics investigations like Bachmann's are considered routine -- not evidence that the committee thinks she's guilty.

[Michele Bachmann rally photo credit: theqspeaks via photopin cc]