Boing Boing launches new gaming site Offworld

Boing Boing has expanded its blog lineup with the launch of Offworld, a blog dedicated to gaming.

The new site will focus on the broader gaming sector, but also (in traditional Boing Boing style) seek to highlight independent producers

As Offworld lifts off over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be bringing to it a focus on the overlooked, the underappreciated, the rise of the independents and, in general, the games that are bringing genuine excitement and innovation (in both gameplay and design) to the industry.

Boing Boing has launched two sites previously, Boing Boing Gadgets and Boing Boing TV, both as part of the main URL. Offworld is the first departure into a completely new standalone blog for the site at a time the wide model within blogging concerns is on the wane.

(via CNet)