Homeless Man Returns Wallet With $500 In It

A homeless man from Kingston, New York returned a wallet that he found on the street, even though it had just under $500 in it.

Hassel Junior Barber spotted the wallet lying on a sidewalk on Sunday evening, and when he opened it up he saw that there was $485 worth of cash inside. However, despite the dire situation of his current living circumstances, Barber decided, without hesitation, to hand the wallet into officers at the local police station.

Police then got into contact with the wallet’s owner, who was said to be extremely grateful and “thankful” for having it back in his possession.

Despite his heroic efforts, Barber remained modest, telling the Times Herald-Record, “I looked at the wallet and I seen money. I didn’t bother to count it. It wasn’t mine. I didn’t want it.”

However, Detective Lieutenant Thierry Croizer was so impressed with Mr Barber’s endeavor that he has been forced to change his preconceived notions on homeless people.

Crozier remarked, “It made me reevaluate my perception of people, my first instinct, when I first observe someone.” He then added. “He surprised me, and I was happy to be surprised.”

The lieutenant decided to publicise Barber’s tale, informing various media outlets of his actions. “I felt the story deserved a little more publicity because it just goes to show that you can’t judge people by their everyday circumstances or by their appearance,” added the officer.

As his story circulate more and more people looked to reward Barber, with hoards of individuals calling in to the police station to offer him money and food. However, Barber, whose entire belongings fit in three white plastic bags, simply wants to remain homeless on Kingston’s streets.

Crozier confirmed, “He told us that he did not want anything in return. That he did it because it was the right thing to do, and those are his words, the right thing to do.”

[Image via HABRDA/Shutterstock]