$3,000 iTunes Bill Accidentally Amassed By Seven-Year-Old Twins

Paula Marner returned from a trip abroad to find that her seven-year-old twins had managed to accidentally amass a $3,000 iTunes bill, even though they were using her free iPad app.

Paula, who hails from St John’s, Canada, had been to the United Kingdom, leaving her sons, Elias and Malachy, to whittle the hours away until her return on their iPad.

Their game of choice was Clash Of Clans, a free app that Paula had downloaded, which sees users build villages and then unlock different warriors whilst raiding resources from other villages.

However, when she returned after ten days, she discovered that her sons had maxed out her credit car by making $3,000 worth of purchases, after they simply typed her iTunes login password in whilst playing the game.

Ms Marner assumed that the charges were due to criminal activity or fraud, which she believed had occurred in the United Kingdom, but it was in fact because of her inadvertently rambunctious children.

After typing their mother’s iTunes password into the game, they were able to purchase tokens and gems that helped them progress in the game, but cost from 99 cents all the way up to $99. The children were warned that they might be costing the credit card holder each time they made their purchases, however they probably missed the minuscule banner that read, “(Cost real money).”

The furious mother stated, “That kept coming up consistently and they kept tapping it, because it’s just tap purchase, tap purchase, tap purchase.”

Paula Marner admitted that it was her own fault for providing them with the password, however the boys were convinced that they weren’t doing anything wrong as all she had told them was to never download an app. Apple does plan to give Ms Marner a full refund for the purchases though.

Do you think Paula Marner deserves a refund?

[Image via MJTH/Shutterstock]