Niall Horan Encourages Fans To Help ‘Best Song Ever’ In The UK

One Direction’s new single Best Song Ever wasn’t able to push back the number 2 spot in the midweek UK singles charts, so Niall Horan and his bandmates stormed Twitter.

While Best Song Ever quickly became the most viewed video in a 24 hour debut, the song was stuck in the UK behind Avicii’s chart-topper hitting Wake Me Up. Best Song Ever racked up 12.3 million views in its first 24 hours of release according to VEVO.

Midweek data revealed that Best Song Ever sold 26,000 copies less than the single Wake Me Up.

It was Niall who took to Twitter, sending out the following message to One Direction fans:

“UK this week is gonna be a tough week in the charts! So if you’re still buzzing about BSE, go get it!”

Also taking to Twitter was Liam, who sent out the following tweet:

“Best song everrrr? I think so *smiley*”

Liam took his own self promotion one step further, providing a link in his Twitter page. That link goes directly to the bands sales page for the new single.

Finally Harry Styles jumped into the mix with the following tweet to fans:

Niall and his fellow One Direction bands were not only pushing for more Best Song Ever sales; they were also celebrating their three year anniversary.

In a final tweet, Louise tells fans:

“Wow 3 years today. Really is so hard to comprehend. What an amazing world all of you amazing people have created for us. Thank you.”

Best Song Ever might not be the greatest tune of all time, but I have to give it up to the One Direction boys for really champion their new hit song on Twitter and beyond.