Ashton Kutcher Compares Steve Jobs To Leonardo da Vinci [Video]

Ashton Kutcher plays Apple, Inc’s revolutionary leader Steve Jobs in the new biopic Jobs, and apparently he had a deep respect for the company’s founder.

Kutcher sat down last night with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show where he revealed his admiration for Steve Jobs.

The Two And A Half Men star revealed that he had the chance to Steve Jobs just six months before his death. Unfortunately, work conflicts kept the two men apart.

Kutcher says of his missed opportunity:

“In hindsight, I look back and I think… I had an opportunity to meet the Leonardo da Vinci of our generation, and I missed it, and that really affected my decision to take on the role.”

Talking to Leno about the day Jobs died, Ashton Kutcher said:

“I realized that I’m taking it for granted. I’m taking for granted the contributions that he actually gave to society, and I actually had a real emotional moment.”

Watch the clip above and you can see the scene in which Steve Jobs (Kutcher) loses control of the company he built. Jobs was famously fired from Apple, Inc. only to return years later as the company’s savior.

Ashton Kutcher sure looks the part of Steve Jobs in the new film. Here’s to hoping he also acts the part.

Fans on the videos YouTube page for the interview don’t agree with the Leonardo Da Vinci comparison. In any case, Jobs’ contributions to the smartphone and tablet spaces have help usher in a new era of mobility for billions of people around the world.

Do you think Steve Jobs is like Leonardo Da Vinci? Will you be heading out to theaters to see Ashton Kutcher in Jobs when it debuts?