Bank Repossessed Wrong Home While Owner Was Out Of Town

A bank repossessed the wrong home while the owner was out-of-town. When Katie Barnett returned home from a vacation, she immediately realized something was wrong. She could not open the door of her McArthur, Ohio home. Her key simply didn’t work.

She eventually climbed in through the window and made a horrifying discovery. As reported by 10TV, all of her belongings were gone.

The frightened homeowner contacted the McArthur Police Department. She was told that due to an error, the First National Bank of Wellston repossessed the wrong home.

Barrett said repossession officials were led to her home by GPS, and assumed it was the correct house as the “grass hadn’t been mowed,” and nobody was home.

Bank officials informed Barrett that her possessions were hauled away as part of their standard foreclosure procedure. The belongings were either sold or thrown into the trash.

Barrett estimates that it will cost at least $18,000 to furnish her home. She presented the estimate to bank officials, who have refused to pay her the money. Bank representatives reportedly stated that they are “not paying [her] retail” and “that’s just the way it is.”

The McArthur Police Department has closed the case. They cannot compel the bank to pay Barrett or return her possessions. If the bank refuses to cooperate, Barrett’s only remedy would involve a lawsuit.

Barrett now has possession of her home. However, she is still upset that the bank will not pay her any restitution.

As reported by Gawker, the bank’s president insists that they are trying to compromise with Barrett. She contends that they have been rude and sarcastic about the entire situation.

Barrett would like to avoid a lawsuit, as she only wants fair compensation for her belongings. She explains that she is not trying to “rip the bank off,” she simply wants to replace what she lost when the bank repossessed the wrong home.