Carlita Kilpatrick: Wife Of Disgraced Former Detroit Mayor Loses Job, Mansion

Carlita Kilpatrick watched her husband go from mayor of one of the nation’s biggest cities to prisoner, and things just got worse.

Now living in Texas while husband Kwame Kilpatrick is behind bars awaiting sentencing for 24 corruption charges, Carlita Kilpatrick was just fired from her job as a public servant and it moving out of her 5,000-square-foot mansion.

It’s been reported that Kilpatrick was fired from her $41,200 job in Duncanville, Texas, after she failed to meet requirements of her employment probation period.

Neighbors said they saw Carlita’s belongings on the curb shortly after she was fired, leading to speculation that she had been evicted.

“A lot of stuff was out on the curb for trash day – stuff that people wouldn’t throw – like a computer desk,” neighbor Malinda Carter said.

A real estate agent said Carlita wasn’t evicted, but instead a realtor decided not to renew the lease.

Carlita Kilpatrick had been living in the home with her children while Kwame Kilpatrick was sent to jail for failing to report money that could have been used toward the $854,000 restitution he owes the city of Detroit after a text-messaging scandal.

Reports said the house was in disrepair and that Carlita Kilpatrick was never seen there.

“Neighbors cut the grass because it was getting too long,” Carter said. “Flower beds were out of control and it looked like there was no one in there.

The Kilpatricks had been trying to sell the home in May, but there reportedly no offers and a real estate agent is now trying to lease the home instead.

Carlita Kilpatrick took photos of the home that were posted on YouTube, with listings saying the home has an “award-winning floor plan” and is walking distance from a community pool and lake.