Kirk Cameron Fights Facebook Movie Ban And Wins

Kirk Cameron recently had his upcoming film, Unstoppable, banned from Facebook after the popular social networking site labelled the content as spam. The 42-year-old actor immediately sprung into action once he was informed of the ban and fans began pouring in support.

“This is my most personal film about faith, hope, and love, and about why God allows bad things to happen to good people. What is ‘abusive’ or ‘unsafe’ about that?!” Cameron said in a Facebook post. “Please help us encourage Facebook to unblock our website soon by sharing this post with your friends so more people can see this transparent, faith-building project.”

The post brought in over 300,000 shares and 100,000 likes, which prompted Facebook to remove their ban and apologize. Now a link to the preview of the movie can be posted on Facebook, but Cameron’s battle has just begun.

After the successful attempt to overturn the Facebook ban last week, Kirk Cameron once again posted a message to his fans that explained YouTube was also blocking the Unstoppable trailer.

“You all just demonstrated to the press (they are all calling me to talk about your amazing response!) that the communities of faith, hope, and love are, well… unstoppable,” Cameron wrote in another post. “Now can you all talk to YouTube?? They have blocked and labeled the Unstoppable trailer as ‘spam,’ ‘scam,’ and deceptive! We did it once, we can do it again.”

YouTube has yet to comment on the situation, but Cameron’s second post hasn’t gained as much support as his original message about the Facebook ban.

The movie will hit theaters on September 24, which will be Cameron’s return to the big screen since his appearance in the firefighter drama, Fireproof, in 2008.

The focus remains on the ban for now, but the situation has actually been quite promotional for the film after the original Facebook story hit the web running.

Do you believe Kirk Cameron’s cry for help on Facebook will overturn YouTube’s ban as well?