Stuntmen Rescue Suicidal Woman In San Diego [Video]

Several stuntmen came to the rescue of a suicidal woman in San Diego on Thursday.

Amos Carver and several other stuntmen were getting ready for a live Kick-Ass 2 event at this year’s Comic-Con when they heard screams from across the street.

“The [stunt] coordinator and I were up on a scissor lift, we were a good 30 to 40 feet in the area already working when we turned around and looked. There was just a lot of commotion, people were screaming and pointing,” Carver told ABC News.

The crew soon discovered a woman dangling from the 14th floor of a nearby apartment building. After Carver and his 911 Stunts team grabbed their equipment, the stuntmen scaled a fence and headed off to rescue the suicidal woman.

According to authorities, a security guard led them to the woman’s floor and gave them access to her apartment. Once the men were inside, they carefully and quietly made their way to the balcony.

San Diego Police Lieutenant Kevin Mayer said one of the men grabbed the lady in a bear hug while the others strapped her into a harness. They were then able to pull her off the balcony and back into the apartment.

“She just kept saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,’ over and over again She was very distraught,” Carver explained.

Mayer said the woman was intoxicated at the time of her rescue. Although she wasn’t harmed during the ordeal, she was later taken to UC San Diego Medical Center for evaluation.

“It’s what we do everyday for stunts. It happened so fast and we just responded,” stuntman Gregg Sargeant explained to U-T San Diego. However, he doesn’t want anyone to call him a superhero.

Here’s the video of the stuntmen helping the woman off the balcony.

What do you think about the stuntmen who came to the rescue of a suicidal woman in San Diego?

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