FIFA Announces World Cup 2014 Ticket Prices

FIFA has announced World Cup 2014 ticket prices and they’re not cheap. The regulatory body says fans will have to pay $90 to attend a match in Brazil, which is $10 more than what they paid in South Africa.

Ticket rates for students, those over 60, and recipients of social programs will cost $15, in South Africa they paid $20. FIFA also said that Brazilian residents will have access to 400,000 tickets out of about 3 million.

Foreigners can expect to dish out between $440 and $990 for the final at Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro on July 13. For the opening match on June 20 in Sao Paulo, tickets start at $220 and go all the way up to $495.

The rest of the regular play matches will be $90 in the cheapest category. International fans will pay the most, which is 10 percent more than last time in South Africa.

According to Fox Sports, the concessions to Brazilians were stipulated in a so-called World Cup bill approved last year by the Brazilian Congress. Portions of the bill – parts that grant FIFA certain tax concessions, have been called unconstitutional and are being appealed to the country’s supreme court.

”The ticketing strategy shows important achievements that Brazil has obtained, which were included in the World Cup law,” Deputy Sports Minister Luis Fernandes said at the ticket announcement.

For most Brazilians, these ticket prices are out of reach if one considers that the minimum wage is $340 per month. But the country will spend $14 million in the event. This has angered people, who have taken to the streets to protest.

Protesters have voices their discontent over poor schools, hospitals and public services when compared with the extravagant spending on the World Cup, and an equal amount on the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Tickets for the World Cup will be sold globally from August 20 at