Nazi Themed Restaurant Opens In Indonesia

A Nazi themed restaurant, which has opened in Indonesia, is being investigated by authorities.

Officials plan to question the owner to find out why he decided to adorn Soldatenkaffee with a red wall of Nazi-related memorabilia. This includes a giant picture of Adolf Hitler, a swastika, and various other signs from the third reich.

The restaurant’s staff also dress up in SS uniforms and they have all posed in front of the establishment for its Facebook page in this regalia.

The cafe, which has been open since April 2011, is located in West Java, which is the provincial capital of Bandung, and is one of the country’s most thriving tourist destinations.

Indonesians have now taken to various social networking sites to register their disgust at the restaurant, whilst the city’s deputy mayor, Ayi Vivananda, has send out a letter which has summoned, Henry Mulyana, the establishments owner, to meet with officials to discuss his reasons for opening the cafe.

Mr Vivnanda remarked, “Those symbols are internationally recognised to represent violence and racism.”

However, Mr Mulyana has responded, stating that he didn’t want to incite hatred, and he has also denied supporting the Nazi party. Instead he simply wanted to attract visitors to his cafe with his controversial ambiance.

Mulyana stated, “I’m just a businessman, not a politician. I have a right to design my restaurant with anything that attracts people to come. I’m sure that I’m not violating any laws.”

Mulyana then added that because of all the controversy, he has been forced to close his restaurant. However he refused to state whether he would change the Nazi theme, even if authorities declared that he needed to.

Mulyana responded when asked as such, “Let’s wait and see. I don’t want the workers here to lose their jobs.”

Do you think this Nazi-themed restaurant should be closed?

[Image via Own Work/Wikimedia]