Royal Baby Watch: Is Today The Day Kate Gives Birth?

The royal baby watch has suddenly turned into mayhem in London as reports that Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William have abruptly returned to London. Could today be the day she finally gives birth?

Her original due date was July 11, some other reports said it was July 13. Recently the Queen and Kate’s own mother Carole had suggested that is was sometime next week maybe Monday July 22.

Whatever the case, it seems we (and Kate) have been awaiting this baby forever. Now the news that she is in London only increases speculation that the baby’s arrival could happen at any minute.

Vanity Fair is reporting that body guards and body doubles have been seen in the streets of London.

Photographers and foreign press have been camped outside St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing in north London for weeks now, today photographing a pair of impersonators, even as earlier whispers circulated that the duchess could end up giving birth in her hometown of Bucklebury, where she has been staying with Prince William.

But per reports,according to the magazine the “couple is on the move” they left the Middleton’s lavish, Georgian-brick compound in Berkshire this afternoon their time, “along with significant security”.

Bucklebury, where Kate grew up, is roughly an hour to 90 minutes driving from Kensington Palace, where she and William presently reside.

Likewise, as the duke and duchess move, hospital security has reportedly beefed up, per tweets from the Times of London’s David H. Brown. As the couple has not been confirmed as arriving at either Kensington or St. Mary’s, it’s too soon to say whether the event is at hand.

We are sure to find out more details, leaked or official as the day moves on. A nation awaits their future monarch, will the royal baby be born this Friday?