Justin Bieber Alleged Spitting: Why Doesn’t The ‘Victim’ Want Anything Done?

Justin Bieber’s accuser in an alleged, new spitting claim has filed a police report against the singer.

The accuser, Addison Ulhaq, has not filed criminal charges and reportedly does not plan to.

At this time it’s also unclear if he will file a lawsuit.

Ulhaq’s lawyer states in the police report that Justin allegedly spat in the deejay’s eye, nose, and mouth, leaving “saliva and mucus” evidence in all three areas.

According to the police report:

“The victim stated that he does not want anything done at this time and just wants to document the incident.”

Context of the accusation:

Ulhaq is a deejay.

He played at The Social Room bar and lounge in Columbus, Ohio on July 13 as an opener for Tay James, the deejay on Bieber’s Believe tour.

The teen singer was in town for a tour stop at Columbus’ Nationwide Arena on July 12. Along with a few members of the crew, Bieber went to bar and lounge after his concert with his security team.

Ulhaq claims he was approached by Bieber’s bodyguards and accused of trying to take photos of the pop star inside the VIP room at the club. Ulhaq claims he did not take any pictures of Justin but says the singer cursed at him regardless.

In the police report obtained by TMZ, it states:

“The victim stated that the suspect told him that ‘His mother was a b***h, his father was a b***h and he is a b***h.’”

In TMZ’s original report, Ulhaq claimed the bodyguards grabbed his phone to look for photos but didn’t find any. The website said the deejay claims he heard the bodyguards inform Bieber he was trying to take pictures.

Before filing a police report, Ulhaq called in to a local radio show “Dave and Jimmy” on Tuesday.

“Two of Bieber’s bouncers approached me and said that I was trying to take photos,” the DJ told the hosts.

“As I got pulled aside, [Bieber] confronts me, looks right in my face says a couple [of] choice words, and then spits in my face and then walks off,” he added. “I was just completely stunned. I couldn’t really react to it.”

The deejay also told the radio show he was later tested for the disease Hepatitis and the results came back negative.

In response to the claim, a spokesperson for Bieber told Gossip Cop the accusation was a “lie” and said it “never happened.” The rep went on to describe Ulhaq as, “another person looking for a paycheck in the witch hunt which at this point is just out of control.”

In addition, a woman claiming to be a firsthand witness at the nightclub at the time in question says the spitting incident did not occur. In somewhat colorful language, user @HeatherBelieves tweeted:

She added:

IQ notes:

Back in March, a neighbor from Bieber’s Calabasas, CA., gated community claimed the teen spit in his face after an alleged confrontation on the pop star’s property about his alleged speeding in the area. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the battery case, but the Los Angeles Times previously reported prosecution would be unlikely.

It’s unclear whether this latest spitting accusation against Bieber is true, but according to multiple media reports Ulhaq called a radio station before filing a police report and is not pressing criminal charges at this time.

Cinema Blend’s Mark Rawden writes: “When it comes to celebrity run-ins with random people, however, it’s remarkably hard to tell where the truth lies. Remember when Bieber was accused of fathering Mariah Yeaters baby? That turned out to be bulls**t, and there’s certainly a fifty percent chance this mess will turn out to be just as baseless too. We’ll just have to wait and see what a thorough investigation of the facts by the local authorities concludes.”

But, for Bieber, a fifty percent probability that he may or may not be some sort of sociopathic pop star who goes around spitting at strangers isn’t going to cut it any longer.

Previous accusations that he drove his white Ferrari recklessly over Memorial Day weekend and a later alleged hit and run of a paparazzo were found to be incorrect. However, the alleged spitting ‘meme’ will remain in circulation until proven otherwise.

The Solution:

If Ulhaq’s claim is true there should be a wealth of Bieber DNA in whichever disease-testing facility the alleged spit sample was analysed at.

Common sense suggests the sample (if it exists) should be tested. If not, the upshot is that a serious accusation can be made against an individual — whoever they are —- without filing charges while the accused carries the burden of assumed guilt.

The ‘spitting tipping point‘ for Bieber has been reached. We can either all go on implying the teen singer is guilty, or Ohio law enforcement can very easily clear up the matter one way or the other by testing the substance allegedly left on Ulhaq’s face and comparing it to Justin’s saliva.

Presumably the singer would be willing to supply a sample.

Urinating in mop buckets is one thing, spitting in someone’s face is on an entirely different, criminal level of behavior. Whether Ulhaq eventually files charges remains to be seen, but the reliability of his claim — and Bieber’s long-term reputation — hinges on forensic testing.