Dog On Ledge Rescue In Brooklyn Video Is Just So Cute [Video]

A dog on ledge video will help restore your faith in human nature. Go ahead. Press that button to see a New York city civilian firefighter in a cherry picker trying to rescue a cute fluffy dog that’s trapped on a ledge in Brooklyn.

James Morgan posted the charming video on YouTube last Thursday. He also talked to the New York Daily News about how the dog on ledge video was made.

He spotted the dog and realized that it was stuck. A crowd quickly gathered to offer suggestions to the worker trying to lure the dog off the ledge with water and then with dog food.

Aw. And you thought New Yorkers didn’t care.

The New York Post identified the huggable dog as a chow. Their reporters quoted Morgan as saying, “It looked like his paws slipped a few times, like maybe he thought he could make the jump down.”

But it was just too far to drop without human intervention.

Everybody in the video cheers at the happy ending — and I bet you will too.

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Want another feel-good dog rescue story? Try this one about a puppy that was wedged in the steering mechanism of a PT Cruiser for a five mile drive. The puppy was rescued with surprisingly minor injuries and will be placed in a forever home after she has made a full recovery.

But I have admit that I’m particularly impressed with the time and attention that the New York city firefighter took to rescue the cute dog on a ledge.

[still photo credit: Susan Hall Frazier via photopin cc]