Giant Banana Exercising Video For Your Fourth Of July Weirdness [Video]

So here’s a giant banana getting a workout on an exercise bike for reasons best known to the banana in question. Yeah, it’s that kind of day.

You didn’t know that you wanted to watch this giant banana video when you got up this morning, but guess what. Resistance is futile. Click that button, and enjoy the ride.

That isn’t the only ridiculous video I’ve posted today. While you’re at it, you should head over to check out this bizarre hawkmoth video.

It comes from a report in the science journal Nature called, “Hawkmoths zap bats with sonic blasts from their genitals.”

Believe me, I can’t make this stuff up. Insect researchers are saying that, not me.

If your eyeballs aren’t bleeding yet, then why not enjoy a special Fourth of July roundup of seven videos of outrageous fireworks explosions and disasters?

And just because I’m all grinchy like that, here’s another big boom video article, which includes live footage from two different videos of the Russian Proton-M rocket that blew up on live TV on Tuesday. In the second video, I swear I can hear one of the guys crying. I guess I can’t really blame him.

A lot of people like this Siberia TV trailer video, along with the commentary from some person or persons unknown at The Siberian Times who take themselves entirely too seriously.

And the best ever video of all time is, of course, Disco the talking parakeet. Many people have tried to prove Disco is a fraud, but he’s the real deal, and he’s absolutely hilarious.

But yeah? About that giant banana? I’m not going to give you any background on that because, quite frankly, you know as much as I do.

Either it’s staged or it isn’t. Either you think it’s funny or you don’t. It’s a giant banana video, folks.

[banana photo by Wilfredor via Wikimedia]