Puppy Found Alive Lodged Under Car After Five Mile Drive [Video]

A puppy found alive in the steering mechanism of a PT Cruiser sparked a heart-warming rescue by the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue workers in south Florida — not to mention quite a few bad puns. You can see the dramatic three-month-old puppy rescue in the video, so go ahead and hit that button for a whole lot of cute.

After driving approximately five miles, a couple pulled over to the side of the road. Broward Fire Rescue official Mike Jachles told WSVN: “They realized the engine wasn’t purring. In fact, it was actually running a little rough.”

Ruff ruff and bow wow. Get it? Argh.

Anyway, the Broward Sheriff Office believed that the puppy probably crawled under the hood of the PT Cruiser because she was frightened by the noise from the Fourth of July fireworks. As a result, she’s been named Independence in honor of all those Independence Day sparklers.

The puppy doesn’t belong to the drivers, and apparently no owner has been located. Broward County Animal Control said that they planned to place her with a rescue group to help her make a full recovery and then find a forever home.

Dogs aren’t the only ones who get into trouble when they climb under the hood of a car.

Last month I reported on the 1,000 mile saga of a kitten who traveled from Oregon to Santa Barbara, California wedged in a Honda Fit. That kitten survived — despite a difficult and prolonged rescue effort that eventually involved lifting the entire car with a tow truck.

Only days earlier, another kitten survived a 300 mile trip wedged in the engine block of a truck. That driver had been going for four hours when he was pulled over for a cell phone violation. That’s when the officer heard the kitten calling for help.

Fear of Fourth of July fireworks can be very real for our pets.

Fortunately, this puppy was found alive, is now recovering, and offers a happy ending to yet another “dog trapped under the hood” rescue saga.

[puppy in cone still photo by Eric Petruno via Flickr, Creative Commons]