‘Rabbids’ TV Show Stars Infamous Video Game Characters

A new Rabbids TV show is set to star those loveable video game characters that Rayman introduced.

It looks like the “raving” Rabbids are coming back, even before the TV show was announced. If you’ve seen Despicable Me 2, you noticed that when the Minions were turned into purple monsters, they acted a lot like Rabbids, other than eating pretty much anything thrown at them. Now Nickelodeon is taking the actual characters a step further and giving them their own show.

If you don’t know what Rabbids are, they had a set of TV commercials when Ubisoft was promoting Rayman: Raving Rabbids. They are bug-eyed critters who look like rabbits on the most part with the tall ears, but they also sport what almost looks like a Homer Simpson five-o’clock shadow. On the most part, any excitement or confusion at all ends with them chucking a toilet plunger at you after screaming.

Not much is known about the Rabbids TV show, as the characters themselves have never appeared to have any level of depth to them (much like most minor video game characters). With their easily excitable tendency to chuck a plunger at anything that draws their attention, we can expect a lot of slapstick shenanigans and screaming. We could be wrong about that.

The clip, exclusively at Entertainment Weekly, shows four Rabbids entering a chicken coup and instantly being mesmerized by their feathered friends in an episode called “Omelet Party.” They laugh at them, causing the three chickens to get upset and start dancing around them, most likely trying to be threatening. The Rabbids respond to this by grabbing the chickens, so all but one of the Rabbids has one.

The three Rabbids who caught chickens end up riding them around like small horses. The one who didn’t catch a chicken starts walking off dejectedly, moping until he turns his head and sees another chicken in a nest house. The lone Rabbid enters the nest house and proceeds to “talk” to it.

What do you think about the Rabbids TV show, starring the video game characters from the Rayman series?