‘Rayman Legends’ Demo Shows Off Ocean World And New Gameplay Mechanics [Video]

Rayman Legends landed a demo showing off the Ocean World and new gameplay mechanics.

Rayman, our favorite video game hero whose hands and feet just kind of work in spite of his lack of arms and legs, has a new game on the way in the form of Rayman Legends.

In previous installments, Rayman featured minigames starring rabbids, and they practically stole the show. Their rabbit-like appearance and reliance on plungers, combined with their psychotic tendency to freak out over pretty much anything, made them quite an entertaining presence. The rabbids appear to be absent this time, replaced by potato-like things that shoot sparks from big guns. The humor still appears to be there, so Rayman fans have nothing to fear.

As our hero swims along, we see a new reliance on what appears to be stealth involving light and darkness. This could add a new twist on the whole game. Underwater levels are usually the worst part of any game, so this could be an indication that Ubisoft found a way to make it fun in Rayman Legends.

The demo, using the subtitle “20,000 lums under the sea,” begins with Rayman and two pals on an island that looks like a giant rubber mushroom with bulging trees growing from either end and metal loops all around the edge. One of his buddies looks like a fat blue JarJar Binks with a large mouth and no ears, and the other looks like a female Simpsons character wearing a black helmet with antennae, and flowing hair. The three leap into the ocean, with Rayman last.

This could indicate multiplayer co-op with various characters, as after they dive in, they head in different directions.

Then the demo cuts to the three navigating underwater caves, swimming around mines, and avoiding a rotating wheel of light.

The full demo is above. Rayman Legends will be available August 30 in the UK for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U, and early pre-orders through GAME will get free access to DLC including extra character outfits.

What do you think of the new Ocean World demo for Rayman Legends?