Ubisoft, EA Join Forces To Sell Games Online

Electronic Arts

Industry rivals Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are joining forces to sell their competitor’s games online.

Ubisoft’s Uplay store currently offers a number of titles from EA. In exchange, Electronic Arts will feature some of Ubisoft’s popular franchises in its own online store. Origin currently offers Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry 3 to PC owners in North America. Other territories will get the games on February 22.

Michael Blank, vice president of production for Origin, said in an official statement:

“The heart of any valuable gaming service is delivering all the great content that players want, and the addition of Ubisoft’s top PC titles on Origin, as well as EA’s titles to Uplay, is a big win for all of our players.”

Blank added that Origin is more popular with gamers than ever. He explained that adding Ubisoft’s games to the online store shows the company is dedicated to bringing new titles to the service.

Ubisoft’s Chris Early said of the recent deal:

“Making our biggest franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry available on Origin is a great way of exposing even more PC gamers to these great titles and giving them another choice in where and how they buy their games. Also, by adding excellent titles from EA to the Uplay shop, we’re taking another important step in making Uplay the most rewarding set of services available to our customers.”


According to Digital Spy, anyone who spends around $20 on the Uplay store will get a free game of his or her choosing. The free titles currently up for grabs include Driver: San Francisco Deluxe Edition, From Dust, Might & Magic Heroes VI Deluxe Edition, Rayman Origins, The Settlers 7 Gold Edition, and World in Conflict: Complete Edition

Are you a PC gamer? Are you excited about the recent deal between Ubisoft and Electronic Arts?