George Zimmerman Jury Looking Into Manslaughter Charge

The George Zimmerman jury has asked for clarification on the manslaughter charge, a note written to the judge on Saturday evening indicated.

The jury entered its second day of deliberations on Saturday. Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the February 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Travyon Martin, but jurors can also consider a lesser manslaughter charge.

The defense contends that Zimmerman was attacked by Martin and shot the teen in self-defense in a gated community in Sanford, Florida.

At just after 6 pm on Saturday, the George Zimmerman jury passed along a note that read, “May we please have clarification on the instructions regarding manslaughter?”

It was the only question or request for direction the jury made on Saturday.

As the jury continued its deliberations, anxious crowds gathered outside the Florida courtroom. Supporters on each side carried signs and chanted slogans, even as the threat of rain intensified midday.

Some of them carried a large banner reading “End Racial Oppression: Justice 4 Trayvon,” with a hooded sweatshirt to indicate the “o” in Trayvon’s name. In the weeks after the killing, criticism fell on Zimmerman for assuming that Martin was up to no good because he was wearing a hoodie. Critics also assailed police for a long delay in charging Zimmerman, who was initially cleared as a suspect and the killing deemed self-defense.

The crowd also chanted “Convict George Zimmerman!” again and again.

A small group of fewer than 10 people showed up to support Zimmerman.

The George Zimmerman jury could return a verdict anytime on Saturday