Robbery Suspect Comments On His Own Wanted Photo On Facebook

Michael Oliver probably isn’t the brightest criminal on the block. The robbery suspect actually commented on his own wanted photo on Facebook.

Oliver became a fugitive in December when he allegedly punched a man in the face and stole his wallet at a Family Dollar.

It all started on Wednseday when Pasco Sheriff’s Office named Oliver as the Fugitive of the Day on its Facebook. A lot of people started commenting on the post and poked fun at how the 23-year-old was smiling in the photo.

Oliver even commented on the post and said that police slandered his name and that he was in the hospital at the time of the robbery.

“This is bulls—,” he wrote. “All I have to do is accuse someone and they get in trouble. Pasco County has nothing but fools investigating crimes for them that’s why these mix up happen.”

Oliver also claimed that the arrest warrant was no longer active.

“Btw way guys if the police were REALLY looking for me they would have already looked for my fb so me commenting on this wouldn’t make a difference,” he added. “Talk about being stupid you guys need to check out your local library soon.”

“In an earlier post, I provided a telephone number for him to call us. If he feels he does not fit the definition of the word ‘fugitive,’ I will be hearing from him,” authorities wrote.

The Florida man’s friends wrote messages to cops, which led them to his whereabouts. Oliver was arrested and charged with strong-arm robbery.

Oliver isn’t the only crime suspect who made a very dumb decision lately. Last year, a Nebraska teen bragged about her bank robbery on YouTube, flashing the money she allegedly stole.

Hannah Sabata was arrested for stealing a car and holding up a bank.

What do you think of the robbery suspect who commented on his own wanted photo on Facebook?

[Image via Shuttershock]