‘Storage Wars’ Star Ordered To Pay $122,000 In Legal Fees

Apparently Storage Wars star, Dave Hester owes A&E a $122,000 in legal fees. Ouch.

Hester, who’s suing A&E Networks and Storage Wars’ production company Original Productions claims in a complaint that the show is staged.

He has been ordered to pay $122,692 in legal fees to A&E and Original, after they prevailed in an anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) motion. The fees are split $96,735 to A&E and $25,957 to Original. The original fees were much higher.

The reduction came after Hester objected to the claims regarding the staffing and hours that A&E and Original claimed to have expended on the motion. A&E said it had employed eight attorneys and four paralegals for the motion, while Original said it had used three attorneys.

Hester was fired back in December and at the time claimed that the show was rigged and he was terminated for going public.

The former Storage Wars star alleges, the show’s producers plant valuable items in storage lockers, which competitors then bid on, supposedly without knowing what’s inside them.

Say it ain’t so!

In March, A&E won a partial victory when L.A. Superior Court judge Michael Johnson threw out Hester’s claim of unfair business practices and dismissed his wrongful termination accusation for not being specific enough, according THR.

This, however, is not the end of the claims filed by Hester, a professional buyer of abandoned storage lockers, and A&E. The five-claim suit also includes claims of breach of contract and good faith and he has the chance to collect more evidence and re-file his wrongful termination claim.

The show follows professional buyers who purchase the contents based only on a five-minute inspection of what they can see from the door when it is open. The goal is to turn a profit on the merchandise.

Do you think the Storage Wars’ star claims are true?