Miami Hurrincanes may have a very impressive 2011 draft class

From the year 2000 to 2004, the University of Miami was essentially a breeding ground for big time NFL talent. In 2004 they school lost six player in teh first round (a NFL record). On top of that from 2001 to 2004 teh team lost 19 players in the first round of the NFL daft alone. It looks like the 2010 Hurricanes team will feature a good number of players drawing interest from NFL scouts.

Since I write a NFL Draft Column for another site, this is a story I will be following for the next seven months. Yes, it is not a lot of fun to be married to me in the first quarter of each year. Sure it is way to early for draft boards, it looks like NFL Draft pundits and fans will need to know these Hurricane players; DE Allen Bailey, CB Brandon Harris, OT Orlando Franklin, LB Colin McCarthy and WR Leonard Hankerson.

There are three other player NFL scouts seem to be taking an interest in; RB’s Damien Berry and Craig Cooper, and CB Demarcus Van Dyke. Many of the ESPN talking draft heads want to assign these guys a rank already, but since the draft is seven months, and like 11 regular season football games away, that is an exercise in futility.

The real story here is there are eight Miami Hurricanes hat are drawing the interest of scouts. At this point it is all but impossible to say where they will get drafted. That is the deal when writing about the draft, it is all a guess based on the best information possible the moment you right it. That information changes almost every day, so draft predictions are a very hard way to make a living.