British School Crossing Guard Ordered To Stop ‘High-Fiving’ Children

An English school crossing guard has been banned from giving high-fives to the school children on his routes because officials believe it is too dangerous.

Roger Green is a friendly 64-year-old who gave this patented greeting to the children that he helped to cross the road every morning and afternoon.

City council bosses have told Mr Green that his signal “confuses driver” and could lead to them taking their attention off the road.

Parents at the school have responded to their request by calling it “ridiculous,” and they’ve now asked for their decision to be reversed as they believe that it might dampen their children’s moral as they start their school day.

The warden was apparently told at his yearly job assessment that one particular driver had actually complained about his gesture, and they had stated that he’d actually slowed down traffic.

Mr. Green has since responded, stating, “I put a sign up for a couple of days saying that I could no longer high-five children. The parents say they can’t understand why the ban is in place. I have to follow what my boss says, but it is a harmless piece of fun and all the children like it.”

Leith Kilmartin, a mother of four who has children at the school, talked about Mr. Green glowingly, stating, “He is still very attentive to the children and the traffic and the high-five makes their day. He is the sweetest man, he loves children and is good at what he does. He is not taking his attention away from the traffic so I think it is ridiculous.”

Bracknell Forest Borough Council, have since responded to the criticisim, stating, “Children stopping as they cross the road for a ‘high-five’ puts them and the patrolman at risk and confuses drivers. Parents wouldn’t thank us if we let this continue.”

Do you think the crossing guard should be allowed to high-five the pupils?

[Image via Lisa F. Young/Shutterstock]