Kate Middleton Evades Press For Hospital Checkup

Kate Middleton evaded the hoards of photographers camped out at St. Mary’s Hospital to pay a secret visit, probably her last one before giving birth to the royal baby.

The Duchess, taking notes from Princess Diana’s playbook, was able to keep her meeting and pass undetected by the hundreds of photographers and reporters that are awaiting the announcement of the royal birth.

The visit took place on Monday, while speculation grew as to when Kate will give birth, her due date has almost passed and gone with no news of the little bundle making its appearance.

Kate is at Kensington Palace getting ready for the birth of her and Prince William’s first child and heir to the throne of England. The baby, if it’s a male, will be third in line after grandfather Prince Charles and father William.

According to E! a patient at the hospital confirmed that Kate Middleton was indeed there on Monday.

“I was at St. Mary’s with Kate Middleton! I was told it was a checkup.” the unidentified woman said.

There had been rumors that a royal visit was possible at some point before the birth, but nobody knew for sure and no official word had confirmed them.

It might seem near impossible for any member of the royal family to get anywhere near St. Mary’s at this time, but Joe Sene of London’s Vantage News photo agency reveals, “There are so many different ways in to the Lindo Wing. They can easily ghost her in or out.”

And the royals are experts at evading the press. About an hour prior to Kate’s visit movement was detected by those at the scene as police did a security sweep of the hospital to ensure the royal’s safety.

In the meantime, the world awaits Kate Middleton’s impending birth which is now a matter of hours.

[Image via Shutterstock]