Justin Bieber Ripped By Anthony Bourdain After Singer Pees In Restaurant Mop Bucket

Justin Bieber would be wise to steer clear of chef Anthony Bourdain’s restaurants after the singer was caught peeing in a mop bucket at a New York City restaurant kitchen.

The celebrity chef unloaded on Bieber, calling him a “young punk” for the act that took place earlier this year.

This week footage of the mop bucket incident reached the internet, showing the 19-year-old singer and his friends in the kitchen area of a New York City nightclub. The smartphone video, obtained by TMZgoes on to show Justin Bieber peeing into a yellow mop bucket while his bodyguards keep watch and friends crack jokes.

“That’s the coolest spot to p***. You know, you will forever remember that,” one of the friends says to a staff member.

Later on, another member of Bieber’s entourage asks the group: “What are we though bro, what are we?” Bieber and all of his friends reply “Wild kids!”

As the video goes on, Justin Bieber passes a photograph of former President Bill Clinton and sprays cleaning solution on it.

“F*** Bill Clinton,” he says.

The speculation is that Bieber and his friends were drunk or on drugs (or both), or maybe just self-entitled from years of being pampered.

Though the video was filmed over five months ago, it’s still putting Justin Bieber in some hot water.

After Anthony Bourdain caught the video of Justin Bieber peeing into a mop bucket, his instincts to defend the kitchen staff kicked in.


Justin Bieber and his reps have yet to comment on the mop bucket incident.