Justin Bieber Caught On Video Peeing In Mop Bucket In Nightclub Kitchen, Bill Clinton Pops Up

Page Mackinley

Justin Bieber has been caught on video peeing into a mop bucket in a nightclub restaurant kitchen.

In a TMZ obtained video, the 19-year-old singer and his friends are seen in the kitchen of the restaurant area of a New York City nightclub.

The video was shot on a smartphone earlier this year.

Bieber is filmed peeing into a yellow mop bucket while his friends laugh and joke in the background.

While off-camera, the pop star's friends offer their reasons as to why the establishment shouldn't be offended by his spontaneous toilet choice.

One friend jokingly asks for directions to the "quickest restroom."

Then, as Bieber pees into the mop bucket, the same friend observes to staff:

"That's the coolest spot to p***. You know, you will forever remember that."

Another male friend chimes:

"You're not gonna remember him p***ing in the restroom. Everybody does that."

Justin Bieber Caught On Camera Video Pissing In A Mop Bucket In Club Restaurant Kitchen, Also Curses Bill Clinton Photograph

At one point in the video, a member of the group asks: "What are we though bro, what are we?"

One by one, Bieber and his friends reply: "Wild kids!" amid shouts and whoops.

The phrase "wild kids in this b***h!" is also heard before someone quips,"Who stole my beer?"

The small group then make their way up a flight of stairs as they exit the restaurant kitchen.

Bieber, spotting a photograph of former US President Bill Clinton hanging on the wall, proceeds to spray it with chemical cleaning fluid, while uttering the soon-to-be immortal words:

"F*** Bill Clinton."

The UK's Mirror reports insiders inform them the video was filmed over five months ago and make the point that Justin may have since changed his toilet habits and matured.

But either way, TMZ's story is a direct hit.

Best course for Bieber? Take it and keep moving.

The teen singer is currently touring North America and played Chicago's United Center last night.

The next stop for the Believe world tour is Indianapolis' Bankers Fieldhouse Arena tonight.