Time To ‘Get Lucky’, Daft Punk Teams Up With Durex Condoms

Daft Punk


If you own a radio, or have been in the vicinity of one, then you’ve heard the summer anthem “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams. It looks like the electro music duo is willing to capitalize on their recent mainstream success.

Although Daft Punk has been around for years, the UK-based duo deservedly received major mainstream exposure this summer once their “Get Lucky” hit was released. Now the duo are teaming up to make their “Get Lucky” message a little more literal by teaming up with Durex condoms.

The French duo will produce a package for Durex condoms complete with the artwork of their single “Get Lucky”. In order to get the condoms out there, Durex had the members posting sample boxes on their Instagram.

Earlier in the week Daft Punk member Diplo posted a picture of the pack completely opened on his Instagram with the caption that reads: “Thank god I had those daft punk condoms last night.”

The condoms are just one of several merchandise items that Daft Punk has rolled out. In addition the band created their own line of action figures, which is descibed as: “crafted with meticulous attention to detail – [the] helmet area employs a shiny metallic finish and clear parts for enhanced realism”.

No big surprise here but the Daft Punk action figures will not be sold with the Durex condoms. If you’re interested in the figures, you will have to wait a bit as the figures won’t be out until the end of December.

Some may say this is the group selling out after receiving years of critical success, but it is a pretty smart strategy given their sudden mainstream popularity. Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” continues to sky rocket and has become the first single released in 2013 to sell a million copies in the UK. The hit has disco origins highlights the smooth vocals of Pharrell Williams and Chic’s Nile Rodgers.

Would you buy Daft Punk’s condoms?

[Image credit: Diplo’s Instagram / Daft Punk]