Edward Snowden Asylum In Venezuela? Wikileaks Says 'No Formal Acceptance' Yet

Edward Snowden's asylum request to Venezuela has been accepted by the country's officials, but the NSA leaker has not formally accepted.

Wikileaks on Wednesday said Snowden has "not yet formally accepted" the offer. The data leaking website made its claim after a top Russian official claimed Snowden had accepted and was ready to be transported out of the country.

On its official Twitter page, WikiLeaks writes:

"The states concerned will make the announcement if and when the appropriate time comes."
On his own Twitter page, senior Russian official Alexei Pushkov claims that Snowden had agreed to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's offer for asylum.

According to Pushkov, the only reliable offer Edward Snowden's asylum requests yielded came from Venezuela, a country that has long held anti-US sentiments.

The Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C., is not denying or confirming the acceptance of asylum on Snowden's part. Later in the day, officials at the embassy confirmed that "the young American is currently in Moscow." Snowden has been stationed in the international wing of a major Russian airport.

Over the weekend, Venezuelan government officials said they would keep the Snowden asylum approval on the table until Monday, a deadline that has since passed.

Other countries that have hinted at approved asylum include Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Snowden has reportedly applied for political asylum in dozens of countries, although most of those regions have already turned him down.

Edward Snowden is currently stuck in the transit zone at a Moscow airport without a US passport. If he is to leave the country, it will likely be a secretive maneuver meant to throw off US officials. Snowden had originally planned to head into Cuba; however, the fear of entering US airspace has appeared to slow that decision.

Check out this video which talks about a recently deleted Tweet that is causing confusion over the entire asylum debacle:

Do you think Edward Snowden's asylum would best be served in Venezuela or one of the other countries willing to accept his offer?